Digital Learning Solutions Architecture

Digital Learning Systems Architecture


Technologies are seeing the digitising of training (use learning or training) and development.  Any technology addition to the DLSA requires careful consideration as any breakdown in communication (interconnection) will result in increased “downtime”, reduced efficiency and increased costs.

At Simbotix Innovations we work with industry and business to apply Industry 4.0 concepts to build or optimize a DLSA that enables data driven decisions, reduces costs, improves capability, and most importantly, improves the learner experience

We can:

  • Provide advice on DLSA
  • Create DLSAs
  • Provide advice on learning technology tools
  • Provide advice on DLSA cyber security

Learning Record Store

As an early adopter of Experience API (xAPI), we have an indepth understanding of how xAPI can work for you

Learning Management Systems

Not all Learning Management Systems are the same. We look at your requirements and tailer the right LMS for you, or get your current LMS working for you and your learners

Data Anaylitcs

Data driven decisions lead to better data driven design. Connect your LRS to a BI tool to get greater insight into your learning data.