What is Industry 4.0 and why does it matter to Vocational Education, Training and Development

The 4th Industrial Revolution alters every aspect of our life, our economy, the way we live, consume, work and relate to one another. In scale and complexity it is unlike anything humankind has experienced before…….

Henrik von Scheel

Please take a moment to pause and think about this quote…………………. The person behind the quote is the originator and vanguard of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. He is the mastermind of the European Digital Agenda, which ignited the global themes of today. He is the father of the concept of Industry 4.0.

Alter everything? I hear you ask. Surely this is the exagerated ramblings of a mad man! Ok, so lets have a look at another quote from the CEO of Accenture.

9 quotes that sum up the Fourth Industrial Revolution | World ...

What do we think now? Weather we agree or disagree, like it or don’t like it, want it or don’t want it, change is happening and it is happening fast.

So, how can WE be ready and embrace the future – how can WE Future Proof ourselves and the systems we interact with in the vocational, training and developmetn field. Lets go ahead and find out.

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