Remote Assessment

Remote Assessment | Remote Compliance | Remote Audit

Solutions to assess competency, compliance and audit from geographically dispersed locations

Remote Assessment

Remote Assessment | Remote Compliance | Remote Audit

Conducting assessments  to demonstrate competency or remotely auditing a process or ensuring compliance can be a time consuming and costly process. 

Simbotix Innovations have unique solutions to remove the need for an assessor or auditor to be on site yet still remain compliant and capture evidence.

Simbotix Innovations has access to a range of technologies for different purposes. What makes Simbotix Innovations stand out is the time we take to get to understand your requirements and develop with you a solutions that works, and is future proof.

Not all Learning Environments are the same, so not all solutions are the same. Contact Simbotix today and let us work with you to build a solution that works.

Tier One
An introduction to remote assessment
  • Chest or Head Mounted Smart Phone
  • Phone Model dependant on the available Software
  • One way communication*
  • Entry Level
Tier Two
Smart Glasses
  • Handsfree voice control
  • Integrated software and expandable
  • 2 way communication through Audio and Video
  • For indoor use**
Tier Three
Industrial Smart Glasses with Workflow
  • Handsfree and Voice Control
  • PPE Supportive
  • Extended Battery
  • Multipurpose with Workflow

Just some of the many features

Fully Featured

Smart glasses are fully featured to compliment any assessment situation.

Simple Setup

Smart glasses are easy to use with little instruction to get started.

Hands Free

Smart glasses allow for complete hands free operation, providing the assessor with the right point of view.


Works autonomously with your digital learning environment

Recorded Evidence

Recorded evidence to support competency and performance criteria

Clear Communications

With two way video and audio communications, the assessor can efficiently and effectively communicate with the student

Simbotix is an Authorised RealWear provider

Is Remote Assessment right for you?

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