Remote Reviewer

Remote Reviewer is a secure, flexible, Experience  API (xAPI)  powered web application that stores audio and visual evidence of a task being performed.  The task can then be reviewed from any browser*.

xAPI records experiences digitally in your Learning Record Store. For the purpose of Remote Reviewer, the “experience” can be represented through standard video format via any browser*.

*Requires Internet Connection

Features of Remote Reviewer


Works on any browser and mobile device. Capture, Upload or link to a video video


Built on the power of Experience API (xAPI).

Cost Effective

Simple plans to adapt to change and scalability


Video can be reviewed anywhere at any time*.

How does Remote Reviewer work?

The simple interface allows organisations or companies administrators to set up a task with instructions and send it to student, inspector or anyone that will be conducting the recording.

The recipient will receive a secure link with a unique embedded code where they are able to record, upload or link to the video of the task.

Once the video is uploaded, The company administratior will receive an email where they can securely login and assign the task to a reviewer.

The reviewer then receives a notifcation the task is ready. The reviewer logs into to view the video, pausing and providing comments on the task.

The reviewer will set the task as Completed. This triggers an email to the companies’ administrator where they can review the results.

Once the task has been completed, the recipient will receive an email with a secure token to allow them to review the comments. The Company can also review all tasks via the reports section of Remote Reviewer.

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