Digital Learning Technology

How xAPI bought a learning environment together – WEBINAR

Recently Julian Davis from Simbotix Innovations presented to the Australian xAPI User Group on a digital learning solution that he had developed for Tritium. Julian also touched on a new reporting connector in Google Data Studio developed with Launch Learning … Read More

Using xAPI data to view Assessment results – Use Case

As part of the development and introduction of xAPI into a large organisation, it can always be a challenge to provide the benefits. I’d like to share with you how I used xAPI with Articulate Storyline 360, published as SCORM … Read More

Understanding an xAPI Statement [Interactive Example]

Understanding how the Experience API (xAPI sometimes known as Tin-Can API) is structured is the first hurdle to knowing just how flexible and powerful the xAPI can be. When you look at the structure of an xAPI statement, there are … Read More