An Introduction to the fourth industrial revolution | Simbotix Innovations - Part 5

An Introduction to the fourth industrial revolution


Example of Industry 4.0 in action

Lets now apply Industry 4.0 to a simple scenario (an assessment conducted remotely utilising smart glassess).

The Assessor and assessment participant connect remotely via a pair of smart glasses. Communication is enabled via an application which is streamed via https to a host computer (the assessors computer). This is Interoperability.

A cloud service captures input data from the sensor (in this instance, the smart glasses). The entire assessment experience (visual and auditory) of the particpant is captured. The data is stored (virtually) and, with the use of a Learning Record Store (LRS), can be called upon to decipher and report on any number of parameters. This is Information transparency.

The assessor guides the participant through the assessment (appropriate to the level being assessed). The particpant encounters a non-standard situation that does not form part of the assessmemt. The assessor assists the particpant to rectify the situation. This is Technical assistance.

Finally, the internal quality assurance team review the assessment and identify opportunities for improvement. The combination of interoperability, information transparency and technical assistance has created the conditions for Decentralised decision making.

So, a lot of information to absorb – but if you can remember this over simplistic, but effective summary:

  • Interoperability enables information transparency
  • Information transparency enables technical assistance
  • Technical assistance enables decentralised decision making.

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