How Industry 4.0 terminology and organisations impact vocational training and development

In this topic we will cover :

  • (Key) Industry (and education) 4.0 terminology and definitions, and
  • How these terms and defintions can be related to the vocational education, training and development fields
  • (Key) organisations impacting Industry 4.0 implentation in the vocational training and developmetn field

Developing your knowledge of key terms and definitions

Although Industry 4.0 is a “relatively” new term in the scheme of the industriasl ages – significant attention had been afforded to this emergent bohemeth.

Key organisistions and departments for Industry 4.0 development

Considering the relative infancy of Industry 4.0, it is of note that the majority of developed countries are looking closely at “digital transformation” and in many instances, creating separtments to address the pending shift in skills and knowledge requirements.

To keep it simple, we have concentrated on International organisations

When considering Industry 4.0, it must be remembered it is highly geared toward the manufacturing sector.